Ubisa Church (9th century) – A visit to this modest single-nave basilica will reward you with a sight of some of the best frescoes in Georgia. They were painted in the 14th
Motsameta Monastery (11th century) – Located on a cliff above the gorge, the isolated “Church of the Martyrs” offers breath-taking views of the surroundings. It is named
The Kathskhi Pillar about ten miles from Chiatura, The Kathskhi Pillar juts upward from verdant green hills. At nearly 140 feet, it is a marvel in itself - but more remarkable
Sataplia is one of Georgia’s finest nature reserves, known also for its fabulous cave formations and the prehistoric dinosaur footprints preserved here.
The antique city of Vani (7th-1st centuries BC) is again coming to light thanks to the work of archaeologists. Temples and sacrificial altars from the period before the birth
Gelati was founded in the 12th century as a monastery and academy by Georgia’s greatest king - David the Builder. In Middle Ages it was the most famous centre of
Bagrati Cathedral (11th century) was the tallest church in Georgia (57m) until an explosion in the 17th century reduced it to picturesque ruins. Even in its ruined state,