Grigoleti is located at coast of Black sea, in a southwest part of Colkhida lowland, there, where under the legend, the Golden Fleece was stored and lived the fine Medeya.
the Byzantian fortress, which well remained ruins are in the territory of the village of Tsikhisdziri of Kobuletsky municipality. According to Prokopy Kesariyskomu, Peter's
Nabeglavi – is known with its mineral water. It is used for curing of digestive organs.
Ureki – is coastal resort with magnet sand. Here are cured people who have the problem with blood circulation organs, diseases of nervous system and breath organs.
Bakhmaro – is climatic mountain resort, is used for curing of chronic diseases of breath organs and hypotonic cases, bloodless, in case of neurasthenia and lymphadenitis. In